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Refuting Attack on Allama Fazle Haq Khairabadi and Allama Fazle Rasul Badayuni


Deobandi claim has been posted in red

Dr. Allamah Khalid Mahmud writes:

"Fazl-e-Rasūl Badāyūnī worked for the British and his plan against the Hadīth scholars of Delhi remained unsuccessful. Hadhrat Shāh Walī Allāh was not alone in propagating tawhīd (monotheism) and the sunnat, and opposing shirk and bidat. Among his students were famous pious people such as.

From where has Dr Mahmud al Deobandi taken this? What is the reference?

Those who want to know the truth can cross check this fact that Fazle Rasul Badayuni was actively involved in writing against British missinary and givernment. Later Mawlana Abdul Majid Badayuni (rh) was chosen as the president of Khilafat committe, unanimously by sunni as well as deobandis.

Fazl Rasul Badayuni also spread his venom against Imam Shah Waliullah Delhwi [r.h], as he says:

"The conclusion of everything that Shāh Walī Allāh has written shows that he is against the Ahl al-Sunnat wa al-Jamāat. Shāh Walī Allāh’s pious children [he is being sarcastic here] have not published and distributed these types of books (by Shāh Walī Allāh), and have kept (these books) hidden. It is as if they have veiled those words of their father that were unveiled."

Can any Deobandi prove this or even name the book where Fazl e rasul Badayuni (rh) said this ?
The other option is to post what ever we like on internet , without reference and let the members of our forum get fooled.

That is why people should visit marifah forums so that what ever they read , it has reference and proof,unlike other forums

Fazl Rasool Bayaduni didn't even spare Imam Rabbani Mujaddid Alf-e-Sani [r.h] and wrote alot of filth against the great Imam

Another deobandi style statement without any reference

Amir Shah Khan sahab mentions on page 76 of Hakayat al-Awliya that Qasim al-Uloom Mawlana Nanotwi [r.h] narrated that there was a very senior alim in Lukhnow [khan sahab forgot the name] and a mudarris in one of the masjid. One day Fazl Rasul Badayuni came to him before Dhur or Asr salat and read to him his work against Mawlana Shah Ismail shaheed

Another fancy story from Arwahe Thalatha ( hakayat e Awliya) ! Fazle haq khairabadi (rh) was among the top scholars of india during his time. Who was the scholar with whom he met in Lucknow to get approval for his fatwa? This scholar must have been a famous scholar and his name is not metioned? Biogrpahy and travel memoirs of Allama Fazle Haq Khairabadi (rh) has been printed and available in manuscript form also. No such incidence is mentioned. Ferozuddin ruhi al deobandi even wrote in his book Ainae sadaqat , page 15 , that Imam Ibn Abidin Al Hanfai (rh) took money from government to write against Najdis! This is a simple deobandi pricnciple : If you don’t agree with us , we will accuse you without proof .

On the contrary, Shaykh Abdul Hassan Ali Nadwi [r.h] translated Taqwiat al-Iman into Arabic with preface and hawashi [footnotes] at the order of Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya [r.h

Yes he did and it is available in Indian market for Rs 30. Can any Deobandi post scan of that edition? Don’t they know that even this edition of Taqwiyatul Iman is fabricated with many passages removed and many words re arranged ! We are talking about taqwiyatul Iman which was written by Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi , not its fabricated version flooded into the market by Deobandis and Wahabis.

Taqwiat al-Iman covers issues like tauheed, shirk and numerous biddahs that were prevalent during the time of author

The division of topic and its content is taken from Kitab at Tawhid of Ibn Abdal wahab Najdi.( For proof see taqwiytaul iman aur ismail dehalvi by Alla Zayd faruqi (rh), whose library has old editions of Ibn Abd al wahab najdis book) . Even the sub chapters are named sameThe biddah of reciting Bukhari sherif in order to remove difficulty was not yet prevalent in India , neither the ugly belief of calling Allah a liar was prevalent. Which biddah made Ismail Dehalvi to write that “one day prophet will die and get mixed with soil? Which Biddah made him to say the status of elevated creations ( prophets and awliya) is like cobbler in front of Allah?

In Sirat-e-Mustaqeen, Mawlana Shah Ismail shaheed [r.h] compiled the malfuzaat of his master in tasawwuf and jihad Imam Syed Ahmad shaheed [r.h].

Not correct. Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi wrote Sirat e Musatqeem contaning his views also, like” getting thought of prophet in salah is worse than getting thought of Ox and Horse. This is not a malfuz ( letter ) of Ahmed Barelwi ,but it is a writing of Ismail Dehalvi. Scans have been posted on this forum for everyone to read.

List of books of Mawlana shaheed.

This is not agreed upon. Different Deobandi scholars have given different list. Mawlana Hakim mirzapuri has counted 17 books from Ismail Dehalvi.

Janab Aijaaz ul-Haq Quddusi who is a famous historian and a sharih of Dr. Allamah Iqbal [r.h] writes while discussing Ulama-e-Soo of the time:

"British were aware of the influence of Ulama. They took fatwas from Ulama-e-Soo in which Syed Ahmad shaheed and Mawlana Ismail shaheed were declared Wahhabis and secular. British were declared to be ligitimate rulers [in those fatwas]...It was declared wajib to show allegiance to the British."

[Iqbal aur Ulama Paak wa Hind, p 35]

A white lie .!No fatwa was ever paased by any scholar just for declaring Ismail Dehalvi as “ Wahabi”. Can any Deobandi give reference for this? Who issued the fatwa and when and in which book? Any one can open Fatwa Rashidiya of Shaykh Gangohi al deobandi which has questions from normal people asking” who are wahabis” ? Shaykh Ashraf ali thavee one said in Kanpur” Don’t bring food for Niyaz here , Wahabis stay here”

Sunnis don’t consider the views of Allama Iqbal as proof. But let us see what Allama Iqbal said about Deobandis

1.Dr Iqbal was taken aback after hearing the impudent statements of the Deobandis and said “Mawlana [ Hamid Raza Rh] these statements are so impudent, why didn’t the sky collapse on them, the sky should have collapsed on them!”

2. The origin of “ qadynaism and deobandism is one”
( Allama Iqbal)

See the scan ( am not posting on forum to keep the article short)

British knew that to stop the movement of Syed Ahmad shaheed and his followers, the easiest way is to label them Wahhabis.

I had to read this statement 3 times to make sure I am reading the same thing what I am understanding! This is one of the biggest lie we can have on internet. Ahmed Barewli was working for british and he openly said ‘ we are safe under british “. Ismail dehalvi said “ there is np jihad against briitish”

If any one can prove that Ahmed Barelwi did Jihad against british, I will retire from Internet.
Let the readers go to different websites and forum and bring this evidence. This is a big lie present on internet and those who base their knowledge only from internet should take a note of it.

See attached document in post 11 above and scans in post 13.

Ahle Biddah always use Mawlana Fazl Haq Khairabadi [r.h] as proof against Mawlana Shah Ismail shaheed [r.h].

As per this author , Imam Fazle haq Khairabadi (rh) loved Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi !
Trust me ,those who know history will laugh at this. Imam Fazle haq (rh) refuted shaykh Ismail Dehavli on the matters of Rafa yul dayn and saying Amin loudly in Salah. Then he also refuted Ismail Dehalvi by writing Imtinaun Nazeer refuting the belief of Shaykh Isamail dehalvi on possibility of ‘possibility of another Muhammad { sal allahi alay hi wa sallam} to exist’

Then in 1240 AH , Imam Fazle Haq (Rh) wrote Tahqeeq al-Fatwa fi Ibtal al-Taghwa,( scan provided earlier) in which he took signature of seventeen Ahlus sunnah scholar to isshe fatwa upon Ismail Dehalvi!

If some one still wants to believe that Imam Fazle Haq (rh) loved Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi then it is upto them.

When British took over the sub-Continent many Ulama revolted against them. One of them was Mawlana Syed Fazl Haq Rampuri [r.h]. His name appeared in the newspapers as one of the rebels of British
Mawlana Khairabadi himself mentioned:

"Fazl Haq is this another individual and I have been arrested instead of him."

[Tahreek Dehli, June 1920 p12]

Imam Fazle Haq Khairabadi (rh) was among the first muslim scholar to issue fatwa of Jihad against the British. He was sent to prison in Andoman Islands where he died on 12 Safar 1278 AH [ 1861]

The above quote is a classic example of “ not doing home work”. It is a blatant lie. First see the referene! What is Tahreek Delhi? A news paper , a book or a magazine? After Imam Fazle Haq Khairabadi (rh) died in 1861 , then who gave this reference after sixty years? In which Book is it written? Who wrote it? There was no newspaper with the name Tehreek” being published from new delhi in 1920. Can some one please tell what” Tehreek” is?

British army mistook Mawlana Khairabadi for this alim of Rampur and arrested him even though he was an offical in the British government and had nothing to do with the revolt against British.

Another mistake.

Imam Fazle Haq Khairabadi (rh) was presented infront of Judicial Magistrate in 1275 AH ( 1858) . At that time he was not an official in British Government.

The other Fazle Haq was Fazle Haq Shahjahanpuri ( not Rampuri) . This Fazle haq Shahjahanpuri commited some crime . But the British official accused Imam Fazle haq khairabadi of these crimes, which Imam denied. Then the magistrate then asked Imam , have you given fatwa of Jihad against british ? The Imam replied “ yes” . The british judge used to respect Imam Fazle Haq kahirabadi a lot. ( Imam Khiarabadi rh had earlier taught some Juruspudence matter related with Islam to this Judge). Imam Khairabadi (rh) said “ that fatwa is from me and I have written it”. The Judge made many request to Mawlana to change his statement , but Mawlana struck to truth .

Any one who wants to cross check my words , PLEASE READ “ Naqsha Hayat” ,autobiography of Mawalan Hussein Tandvi al Deobandi. ( A DEOBANDI BOOK )

After the arrest Mawlana Khairabadi was sent to the island of Indimaan. From there he sent a letter to Nawab Yusuf Ali Khan, ruler of Rampur, explaining the mismatch in names and his wrong arrest. After this letter the order of his release was given but by the time this order reached the island, his soul had already departed.

[See Jang-e-Azaadi p 555 by professor Muhammad Ayyub Qadri]

Another lie. During his stay in prison Mawlana wrote his classical book (in Arabic )on Indian revolution under the name “ Al Sauratul Hindiya”. This book is the best book of that period by any Islamic scholar describing the revolt by Indians. It deals with socio economy condition and also the cruelty done by British on Indian population and also British plan to convert people to christinaity. This book was translated into Urdu under the name ‘ BAGHI Hindustan” and was published in 1947 . It is available in market. Mawlana Abul Kalam Azad wrote in its preface” this is the best book of that period. Mawlana did a great job by LEADING this freedom struggle. A hand written copy has been sent to my father who is in Makkah "

The Officla Deoband website says

Maulana Fazl-e-Haq Khairabadi who had been sentenced for life and transported to Andaman-Nicobar Islands for the guilt of issuing a Fatwa of jihad of 1857, writes:
"The English prepared a scheme to Christianize all the Indian inhabitants. It was their belief that the Indians would not be able to find any helper and cooperator, and therefore save submit and obey, they would not have the nerve to defy them. The English had thoroughly realized that the ruler’s variance from the ruled on the basis of religion would be a great stumbling block in the way of domination and possession. Hence they began to indulge in all sorts of wiles and chicanery with complete diligence and assiduity, in their willful attempt to obliterate religion and the sense of nationhood. To teach small children and the ignorant and to inculcate their language and religion, they established schools in towns and villages and made an all out effort to wipe out the old sciences and academic attainments".


It clearly shows how much Imam Khirabadi (rh) was against British !

Readers can check online national archives of India and UK to cross check these facts. Just type “ Khairabadi” and we can see the truth.

There is no evidence of that non existing letter quoted by Ayyub Qadri. Many scholars and historian have refuted Ayyub qadri on many issues.

Now the question is why didn’t Imam Khairabadi mention this “ mis match” in his last book ( Al Sauratul Hindiya) which he wrote in prison?

The author should investigate more into any matter before posting on internet . Again , the author is same person who provided the non existing quote of Imam Suyuti (rd) !

Now interestingly, Mawlana Khairabadi blamed his arrest on his oppostion to Mawlana Ismail shaheed. He said:

"I made a big mistake by opposing Molwi Ismail saheb. He was without a doubt on haq and I erred in this matter. This tribulation that has came upon me is punishment of these actions of mine. If I was close to Mawlana shaheed, today I would have been martyred with him. But what can be done, these people of Badayun [like Fazl Rasul Badayun] incited me against Mawlana shaheed..."

[Ameer al-Rawayaat p 16 ba-hawala Shah Ismail shaheed by Dr. Allamah Khalid Mahmud]

Here author has put entire blame on Dr Khalid Deobandi. So he smartly mentions his reference as ‘ ba –hawala”, which means Dr Khalid Deobandi has quoted this incidence from “ Ameer al –rawayat” and our author has not seen this book , neither tried to find out who wrote this book.

Dr Khlaid al deobandi has been refuted twice on this forum with scans.

Surprisingly this book ( Ameer al Rawayaat) was written by a deobandi scholar from Khoja , who said that he has a copy of “ Imtinaun Nazeer” in which Imam Fazle Haq Khairanadi (rh) has accepted his fault on the matter of “ Imkan e nazeer a mohammedi “ ( impossibility of another mohammed ) ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam ) . That means as per this deobandi scholar Imam Fazle Haq ( rh) later accepted the view of Shaykh Ismail Dehalvi ( that there is a possibility of another prophet ( sal allah hu alay hi wa sallam) .

When the sunni scholars asked him to show this copy , he could not bring !!Because the manuscript of that work was with the son of Imam Khairabadi (rh). This lie was refuted in those days itself! Our Dr Mahmood al deobandi should have done his research in a better way !

Imtinaun nazeer was written By Imam Khairabadi (rh) in persiaa. It has been trabslated into urdu as well.
A very good book on Ilmul kalam as well.